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Kimberley’s Blog: So much to share

It’s been a busy week of preparation in LA. I have a handful of projects filming in September and wanted to get a head start on learning my lines and some challenging accents.

Kimberley’s Blog: R & R + Vegas fun

This week I’ve been in Vegas with some of my family. Vegas doesn’t seem like the best place for family time and relaxation…..

Getting schooled LA style - #notatourist

Check out my top 5 tips when visiting LA including how to work out tipping - it’s much easier to work out than you would expect and the number one traffic app that will keep you sane while on the freeway!

Kimberley’s Blog: KFW & Deathgasm

It’s been a very exciting week. It was just announced that Deathgasm will be getting a US cinema release on October 2nd! I am so proud of everyone involved.

Kimberley’s Blog: A bit of routine

Hope you have had a wonderful week! I have been working on my time management this week and trying to have a bit of a routine in my life.

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